During the past year Finland has seen the emergence of several rap artists with an immigrant background. Who are they and why are they talked about right now?

Anyone who follows the Finnish hip hop scene actively must have heard of GRACIAS. Soon after Gracias’ debut EP was released, another young Finnish guy, NOAH KIN, who raps in English, appeared on YouTube. In early 2011, the spotlight turned to a Finnish language rapper called TOINEN KADUNPOIKA who made a record deal and released a couple of high-profile videos…



Wyking Garrett vs. Domestic Neo-Colonialism in “Liberal” Seattle

He dared to “think globally, act locally”, so the city (and their knee-grow stooges) moved against him.

But this story didn’t begin with Wyking Garrett’s courageous act of March, 2008.

The efforts to establish an African American Heritage Museum & Cultural Center (AAHM&CC) in Seattle began in 1969, and came to the forefront in 1981 when Omari Tahir-Garrett and Isaiah Edwards led a community based coalition in opposing the construction of a police precinct in the heart of Seattle’s historically Black Central Distict, proposing a positive cultural institution instead..


5 African digital trends for 2012

Africa is a mobile-first digital environment with 55% of the continent’s 1 billion people having mobile phones. In South Africa mobile internet penetration is 70%, whilst desktop internet penetration sits at only at 11%, whereas in Nigeria mobile and desktop penetration are both over 20%…


Occupy Nigeria

On January 1, 2012, Nigeria’s fuel regulator announced that the government was immediately discontinuing its fuel subsidy to help cut government spending, causing an overnight spike in fuel prices from $1.70 to $3.50 per gallon. Such a hike would be outrageous even for Americans. But for a drastically poorer country like Nigeria — where 70 percent of the population of 160 million lives below the poverty line — it was insufferable.

Cheap fuel is one of the few benefits Nigerians enjoy as citizens of Africa’s largest (and the world’s 10th-largest) oil producer…