KENYA: Sustainable Organic Farming & Development Initiatives

Sustainable Organic Farming & Development Initiatives (SOFDI), a charitable organization based in Western Kenya region by a Switzerland woman has largely been praised by the Kenyan government and area residents who are the beneficiaries of the undertaken development activities.



One thought on “KENYA: Sustainable Organic Farming & Development Initiatives

  1. Send us CD for organic farming to the address: P.O BOX 27-50201-Cheptais,Mt.Elgon Kenya. Mobile+254(0)720-744 827.Community Development and Sustainability Organization(CDS) Kenya a registered NGO in Kenya and based in Mt.Elgon Kenya. Our focus areas are human rights(child and women rights protection and promotion),peace & security,health,environment,agriculture(organic farming) among others. We have been benefiting from Childsponsorship in running our projects with help from Actionaid Kenya assisting our linkages on childsponsorship but last December,2013,Actionaid Kenya phase out from our region leaving over 2,000 children with no sponsors this year.CDS Kenya now is looking for new partners like you in assisting linking childsponsorship with vast knowledge you have. CDS Kenya will send you 100 children photos in due course with their serial numbers and other details. Meantime Visit our Regards. Director.CDS kenya.

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