Students at Los Angeles Thomas Jefferson High School walk out


Students at Thomas Jefferson High School walked out of classes Monday because, they say, they’re not getting the basic education they need. Hundreds of students are demanding a better education. They say in some cases they can’t even get the classes they need just to graduate.



One thought on “Students at Los Angeles Thomas Jefferson High School walk out

  1. I don’t know much about Thomas Jefferson High School so I did a little research. Although the surrounding neighborhood is approximately 25% white, the school has very few – if any – white students. The demographics of the school show that it is about 93% Hispanic and 7% black.

    Many of the problems at Thomas Jefferson High School are almost certainly due to a long history of many failed government policies (state and local as well as federal).

    Most of these problems seem to be due the incompetence of the administration, the school board, the teachers or the city council. So, how do we fix this problem?
    1. We can do a fix where the state or the city sends in specialists who will get the school back on track. But, unless the root cause is addressed, this will only be a temporary fix.
    2. My suspicion is that the city and the state are putting political correctness ahead of the wellbeing of its students. Let’s say that the city decides that it wants a school’s teachers and administrators to reflect the racial mix of the students. They would therefore be staffed with large number of Latinos and some blacks. However, when we hire and promote based on race, we are shortchanging the students.
    3. Problems with this school are indications that there is almost certainly a systemic problem with Los Angles. So, what would be some of the indications of a systemic problem? Here are a few ideas, which are not necessarily limited to our schools:
    a. We are top-heavy with administrative people in the government, which would include our schools.
    b. There are problems getting qualified people for such jobs as firefighters, policemen, teachers etc.
    c. The people in the government are increasingly hired and promoted for the purpose of diversity, quotas etc.
    d. Violence is a big problem.
    e. Our schools are inundated with students who have low levels of proficiency in most subjects.
    f. The city’s debt will not go away. But the city continues to make poor economic decisions that are typically made for political reasons.
    g. Large numbers of people do not have jobs.
    h. There is a lot of racial friction.
    As we see from the above list, this describes a typical large American city.

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