Omari is a 63 year resident of the Central District, founder of the African American Heritage Museum and Cultural Center, Elder of the UmojaFest P.E.A.C.E. Center, a Little League baseball coach for over 30 years, former High School educator, US Army Vietnam era disabled veteran, Garfield High School alumni and star quarterback, a grandfather, human rights advocate, and counselor to youth and fellow veterans alike.

“I have known Omari for over nine years”, says Central District resident and waterfront stevedore Leith Kahl.
When I first came to this city, Omari welcomed me to his community.


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  3. Does the Honorable Michael B. Fuller know his arrest picture is posted with you? Quite comical. Now let’s get down to business. First of all what do you mean you heard me cursing during the protest when you met me? No you didn’t. Then she asked you where is your dynasty? All the while blasting me. Then she asked me did I read the material she gave me on reparations and another document about a police incident as if I owed her some explanation. But I held my peace. Its a strange order here where we can take this sick stuff off of people. So there you have it they never meant for us to have total freedom. Just look at Walter Scott. Why do black men run from the cops? Or did his friend tell him to run? Or was life getting the best of him like so many other black men and women. What is child support? We’ve had situations here that look like Cornel West and Al Sharpton. Do you see this mess? But I did hear some tremendous dialog its all over the internet. I can’t wait to hear the end of this story because you see this stuff is ridiculous. Fix it Fix it Fix it because it is broke.

    • Speed it up two years later young black make stole from 7 Eleven ran from cops gunned down just like that.

  4. Omari,
    I enjoyed reading your statement in the King County Voter’s pamphlet. Thank you for making Seattle a more diverse and exciting place. Best luck to you in your upcoming campaign.

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